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Financial Advisors

At PFG, we focus on building and sustaining supportive relationships. Our network of financial professionals is vast and varied in their business structure, offerings, and collaborative opportunities. Similarly, there are a variety of ways in which PFG can support you at any stage of your business in addition to our back-office services.



Availability based on your confirmed trailing 12 month GDC.



We conduct an account by account mapping to offerings in our platform and provide you a detailed fee impact analysis.



Our dedicated onboarding team will help you repaper your book.



We will source and outfit office space for you based on your unique business needs.

No Contracts
We earn your business every day.
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Independent Advisors

As an independent business owner, you are used to being your own boss and calling the shots. We'll follow your lead.


Let's have a conversation about how we can customize our support model to best suit your unique needs.

Wirehouse Departures

Making the decision to become independent can be both exciting and daunting. Let our back office team take some of the weight off your shoulders.

We can customize our service model to mirror what you are used to, or help you design your fresh start.

Succession Planning

We've assisted in succession plans and practice acquisitions since 1960. Whether you already have a plan in place, or are looking for the right successor - we can help in valuing your practice and negotiating succession terms.

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