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Going to the Next Level

Our “Going to the Next Level” (GNL) study group is the most powerful resource available to our associates interested in growing their business. Moderated by our President and CEO, each GNL groups consist of 8-12 associates who meet three times a year for three consecutive days at our office in State College, PA. During these meetings, associates take a deep dive into the strategic plans for their business.

What GNL's Provide Our Associates

  • Exchange of best-practices
  • Sounding board for new initiatives
  • Helping hand to find solutions to difficult problems
  • Accountability structure to keep associates on track with meeting their own business and personal goals

The Stats Tell the Story

  • 72% increase in recurring revenue
  • As much as an 80% increase in bottom-line revenue for individual advisors
  • 42% increase in bottom-line revenue, collectively, for the most committed and proactive group
  • 20% increase in bottom-line revenue for all groups combined

Visit the Advisor Experiences page to hear directly from our associates how GNL has impacted their practice.

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