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Our Values

We adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics and principles. We will treat you and your clients honestly and with integrity. 

Quality Products

At PFG, we provide a network of financial services and quality products for our Financial Advisors. Focusing on service and long-term relationships is our priority. For more than 50 years we have concentrated on assisting Financial Advisors in designing and implementing comprehensive wealth and security strategies to help their clients accumulate, protect and transfer wealth. The personal and professional relationships we have with our advisors are second to none. This is our proudest accomplishment. PFG operates as a true Producer Group. Unburdened by the hierarchical structure commonly found at other firms, we are able to retain our independence while pooling resources and talent. Our commitment to you is as strong as your commitment is to your clients. As part of that commitment, we provide a collaborative environment for Financial Advisors to grow their business and increase their knowledge through mentoring partnerships and peer groups.

Greater Levels Of Service 

Finally, as a member of the PFG family, you can expect greater service levels with our PFG Network Advantage™. In addition to enhanced service levels with our network of providers, we offer our Financial Advisors back office support through our three-prong support model. This model includes practice management support, comprehensive back office support and compliance support. We registered Vicus Capital, Inc. as a Federally Registered Investment Advisor in 1978, long before our competitors, and proudly lead the industry in ease of doing business. We continue to innovate and lead even in challenging markets. Allow us to put our resources to work for you.